PITAGORA - Innovative technologies and processes for Airport Management R&D project co-funded by Tuscany Region

Intermodality Engine

Winet says...


Intermodality engine allows you to have real time information about public transport state to/from the airport and makes them available to the Pitagora platform in real time. This will allow platform to dispose of these information both in the control room management context and in the context of diffusion to the information channels available to passengers.

To have these information available means to improve the airport operation in efficiency terms and efficacy in the information diffusion to passengers; furthermore, in case of criticalities reported, allows an immediate schedule of possible solutions.

The Intermodality engine made ​​by WiNet uses an internal database that allows you to set up your location and motorway sections that will be managed by the subsystem.

The subsystem handles both direct connections between two locations and indirect connections where you need to make a change (eventually with two different transport s). The subsystem queries at regular intervals Trenitalia and Autostrade to get real-time delayed/canceled trains and the travel time of the motorway sections managed. In this way, for a defined time window, provides to the system the departure and arrival time of transports to/from the airport, updated with eventual transports delays.

Finally, the engine is able to determine for each route (both direct and indirect) the shortest, the fastest, the cheapest one.


Project cofinanced by the Regional Government of Tuscany (POR CReO – Bando Unico R&S 2012) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)