PITAGORA - Innovative technologies and processes for Airport Management R&D project co-funded by Tuscany Region

Queue modelling

What does LaRT do?


LaRT completed the design of a Queue Model System (QMS) which is in charge of estimating: (i) the screening queue holding time (that is the overall time a passengers is likely to spend in screening queue) and (ii) the queue disposal time (that is the time needed to reach a certain queue length, conditioned to an initial value). To this end, the QMS automatically receive as input from the platform the passengers presentation patterns at each screening queue, and the number of security check points expected to be active. QMS forecasts the previous parameters based on queueing theory model, in particular belonging to the G/M/n class. To this purpose, we modeled the arrival process by properly fitting with measured data, then we provided a model for the service time duration which make able the algorithm to evaluate both the queue holding and disposal time.

The general QMS architecture are sketched in the Figure below.

Figure 1.: General architecture of Queue Model System (QMS) module.

Project cofinanced by the Regional Government of Tuscany (POR CReO – Bando Unico R&S 2012) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)