Where are we now? Project end

PITAGORA's Partnerscooperated for over 2 years on the study and development of an Innovative Airport Management system improving existing Integrated Platforms for Airport Operations in terms of modularity, multiservice, expandability, security and privacy, enhanced airport cooperation and crisis management, new algorithms for Airport processes optimization, energy efficiency and environmental impact, new services for improved passenger experience
After 2 years of cooperation, the following goals have been reached within the Design Project phase, for four functional modules:

  • Airport Collaboration module:
    • Design of: A-CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making module), especially the airport operation view with the three A-CDM phases (inbound, Turn-round, Outbound); A-SMGCS (Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System) integration, especially of ADS-B data (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-broadcast); aircraft data model, aircraft tracking and localization in real time on the geo-referenced map; operational KPI (Key Performance Indicator) module in order to calculate and display airport and aircraft delays indicators; intermodality solution to have a complete awareness of all transportation systems to/from the airport.


  • Resources Optimisation module:
    • Design of an advanced application for periodic monitoring of airport movement area and outdoor areas status. Current R&D activities aim to increase airport operational efficiency by mastering complex decision making processes. Design of a QMS (Queue Model System) which allows to estimate the overall time a passenger is likely to spend in screening queue or the time needed to reach a certain queue length. The systems also takes in account the number of security check points expected to be active. The QMS forecasts the previous parameters based on queuing theory model, in particular belonging to the G/M/n class.
  • Passenger Experience module:
    • A Mobile Application dealing with the Passenger Experience in the airport (e.g. boarding card stored on the Secure Element of the mobile phone, user localisation, updated information about airport services and flights.
    • A passenger people counting system and a baggage size estimation system based on computer vision and multimedia solutions, deploying depth cameras running in real-time.
    • A dedicated social network for passengers.
    • An interactive information kiosk fully integrated with the PITAGORA platform, supporting multi-touch interaction, indoor and outdoor zoomable maps, and providing a wide variety of information for the traveller related to the airport and its surroundings.


  • Crisis Management Module:
    • Design of all components of the CMA (Crisis Management Module) and development of mock-ups and data model for the integration of external security sub systems. The module operates in background and is activated when airport's business activities or the safety of passengers / operators is at risk. The CMA supports the entire crisis cycle.
    • The platform solution design is based on standard SOA (Service Oriented Architecutre), which preserves confidentiality, integrity, and privacy of airport infrastructure.